Media Monitoring: filtering by news source

Filtering the news articles and events by news sources enables you to select from which news sources the found news articles or events should come from. 

You can filter news sources by source name, source group, or source location. 

Source name

This allows you to input any kind of news source(s) you wish to get the articles from. You can select news source(s) from the autosuggest drop down menu. 

Source group

Filtering by source group enables you to choose within pre-selected groups of news sources. We simplified the process for you, so you do not have to specify news sources one by one to limit the results, instead, you can select a group from predefined groups of top news sources for different domains. By clicking on the following link, you can find more information on which particular news sources are assigned to which source groups.

Source location

After applying the source location filter, you will get news articles or events from news sources which are located in the selected city or country. It filters the news articles and events by the chosen location of the media source(s).

For instance, you can see what the German media were reporting on. Or, what the news sources from New York reported about a chosen topic of your interest. 

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