Search filter for events: category

If you wish to find events based on a particular theme, you can specify one or more categories of interest. The categories are taken from dmoz taxonomy and are not an ideal fit for the news domain, but are still valuable for limiting your search results.

The category filter is useful when you wish to find events about a particular topic, such as business, arts, or more specifically, natural disasters. 

The picture below is showing DMOZ categorization. The first level consists of broad categories, which have subcategories that are more specific. You can choose any of the broad or more specific categories.

You can choose from a list of categories by clicking on the “Pick” button or by typing the category directly into the autosuggest field. 


In the example below, we have excluded the category “Artificial Intelligence” from the search. As a result, we will get a feed of events that belong to all categories other than the “Artificial Intelligence” one.

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