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The category filter is useful when you wish to find news articles about a particular topic, such as business, arts, or more specifically, natural disasters. 

Event Registry uses 2 types of categorizations. One categorization is called DMOZ and has around 5,000 different categories organized into 3 levels. The second type is News categorization and it has only 9 categories.

The News categories are assigned to articles in any language. The 9 categories that are available are: Business, Politics, Health, Arts and Entertainment, Science, Sports, Technology and Environment. To add them, type their name in the input box.

The DMOZ categories, on the other hand, are assigned only to articles in the English language. Since they are organized into 3 levels you can navigate the tree by clicking the Pick drop-down menu (see the picture below). The first level consists of broad categories, which have subcategories that are more specific. You can choose any of the broad or more specific categories. Note that using the DMOZ categories will limit your search results to include only articles in the English language.

Instead of picking the category from the drop-down menu, you can also add the category by typing in the full or partial category name in the input box. 

In the example below, we have excluded the category “Artificial Intelligence” from the search (to exclude a category prefix the name with the minus (-) sign). As a result, we will get a feed of news articles related to anything but AI.

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