Event details: Similar events

Events are typically not completely unrelated to other events. The similar events feature displays a list of other events that relate to a similar topic. The related events can help the user get a more complete picture of an event and what potentially led to it.

When identifying related events, you can choose which properties the related events should have in common and set time constraints if necessary. 

The similar events can be displayed as a simple event list, on an event timeline, or by showing daily trends. In the event list, the most related events are displayed first. The event timeline, on the other hand, sorts the events by date and allows the user to see the progression of related events. 

The daily trends also shows the events on the timeline, but here the emphasis is on displaying the intensity of reporting about the event. Each related event is displayed with a different color and the height represents the number of articles that reported about the event on a particular day.

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