Event details: Articles about the event

Each event consists of a list of news articles that report about the event. The articles are grouped by language. If the event is reported in multiple languages you can switch to another language by clicking the drop-down menu with the language name. You can open an article by clicking its title.


Article sorting

Displayed articles about the event can be sorted in different ways, depending on your needs. Available options are: 


The latest articles about the event will be displayed first.

Story centrality

Articles that describe the overall event best will be displayed first.

Source importance

Articles will be sorted from those that come from higher ranking news sources to lower ranking ones. 

Shares on social media

Articles will be ranked based on how many times they were shared on social media. We analyze how frequently each article is shared on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram and use the aggregated count as a measure for ranking the articles.

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