Content to display events: top concepts

The concept visualization displays a bar chart containing the most relevant entities and keywords discussed in the events. Each concept is also associated with a relevance score that describes the average relevance of the concept (on a 0 – 100 scale) in the resulting events.

Concepts used in the search are hidden by default. If you would like them to appear within top concepts visualization, you should uncheck the window “Hide concepts used in search”. 

The computation of top concepts can be done in 3 ways - by importance, frequency, or uniqueness. 


The importance criterion means that the concepts which are more important in the results and appear more frequently in the results will get a higher score. The most important concept will get a score of 100, while the remaining ones get proportionally lower scores. 


In this case, the concepts are scored based on how frequently they appear in the results. The value that is shown for each concept is the percentage of the results in which the concept appears.


The uniqueness criterion identifies the concepts that are more likely mentioned in the resulting events and much less likely mentioned in all other events. This criterion is useful for identifying unique concepts that are otherwise not frequently present in the events but are more specific to the topic of your search.

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